Subject TIB_CtrlGrid fond question
Author Francois Leemans
I got a TIB_Ctrlgrid component.
It works fine but,
No matter what I do I can not change the font of the ctrlgrid.
I did set the fond in the objectinspector, in the program, used the
parentfonf etcÂ…
The fond stays always the same, is there something I miss ?

Also if I set the selected color to a specific color eg red, when I show the
unit, the first item is indeed painted in the right color, but when I select
another item the selected color does not show anymore and all items are the
same color.
If I then change the size of the window (with the mouse) the selected item
is showing up in the right selected color, when I select another item the
selected color dissapears again.
Any suggestions ?
I stripped the unit down so there is only one statement, setting the table
to active in formactivate.
So nothing else can be a problem.



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