Subject Re: [IBO] strange behaviour: Test.gdb
> Nothing, look at CommitAction of the IB_Query.

I think the problem has nothing to do with CommitAction. I have
tested it. Commit only close the dataset on employee.gdb but not
test.gdb (all other the settings are the same).

After spending the whole of this morning on testing, I discover that
this problem does NOT occurs in version 3.6CD, it only happen in
3.6De and 3.5Dg.

Now I suspect it is a bug.

> Transaction.TimeoutProps.
Which property of timeoutProps ? I thought the setting of
timeourptops will only affect when to end the transaction. How does
it cause the dataset to be refreshed?


--- In IBObjects@y..., guido.klapperich@t... wrote:
> > I have problem with the database created by the
> > program (TransactionsHandling directory): Whenever I
> > a transaction, the dataset is not closed. In other words, commit
> > commitRetaining has the same effect.
> >
> > I wrote another program (similar to TransactionTutorial, except
> > it allow me to choose the database and table to work on) and I
> > noticed that the same problem occurs on Test.gdb. However, when I
> > the program on employee.gdb, the commit/rollover work correctly.
> >
> > Can anyone tell me what has gone wrong?
> >
> >
> > Thanks in advance
> >
> > kjteng
> >
> > P/S: Can someone help me on Message 7160 (How does TransactionOAT
> > tutorial program makes the dataset refresh automatically)
> >
> Transaction.TimeoutProps.
> Guido