Subject IBO: the amazing world of DBLookup's
Author Martijn Hoedeman
Hi everybody,

Just subscribed to this group, been doing Delphi and Interbase for some time now, recently downloaded the trial of IBO to see if it provides an easier and less code intensive solution to our "ComboLookUp" situation [so much for the intro]

The deal;

At the moment we have a database with heaps of code-translations (one table contains key and other table contains keys (primary) and descriptions, your basic DBLookup deal) Problem is that for every form we have to set a whole bunch of queries and properties to define the relationship, while most of this information is basically already stored in the database trough foreign-key's.

Usually at the end, I always end up downloading and handling the everything manually, but that usually amounts to such a pain when performing the actual update (yes, another lazy programmer). I worked my way though the Lars George article on "TIB_LookupCombo" but even in "his" way I have to create tons of queries and more important, define the relationship with every single use. Surely there must be a more elegant solution to this ? Does the newest (upcoming) version 4.0 of IBO provide an answer ????

Let me know what you thing about this..
Cheers all