Subject Re: [IBO] Version 3.6de
Author Jason Wharton
> I tried to download the version 3.6de but have some problem. Hope you
> could help.

Was it there or no? Did the download fail in progress?

> 1. What are the files junk1, junk2, junk4, junk5 and junk7 for? Some
> of these (4, 5, 7) require a password to download. Is it necessary to
> download these files ?

These files are to be ignored. For some reason my FTP server isn't allowing
deletes right now.

> 2. What are the <dir> IObjects for ? Am I supposed to create the same
> directory tree in my pc ?

Same problem. I cannot delete it for some reason. I've tried to contact the
person who controls my web-server machine but they have been ignoring me for
some reason. I think it's just because it is a programmer who would rather
be coding. <g>

> 3. I am currently using (as a learning tools for database
> programming, with D3) 3.6cd. Is it advisable to upgrade to 3.6de

I think the only problem I was addressing was a resource file I left out of
the ZIP. If you add the resource in manually just to appease it then it
won't matter.

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ