Subject Re: [IBO] Edit Masks
Author Geoff Worboys
> I think you need to remove the "!" for some reason this
> works differently for IBO versus using the BDE controls.
> I have run into a similar problem with edit masks with
> IBO but I need to research to let you know more
> information.

The "!" works slightly differently in TIB_EditEnh, but should work as
normal in TIB_Edit.

TIB_Edit is based on TCustomMaskEdit - as is the grid inplace editor,
so both should operate the same as normal TMaskEdit controls. If this
is not the case then something is going wrong somewhere.

TIB_EditEnh is based on my own creation TCustomEditEnh with its own
implementation of edit mask processing. The its processing of
standard edit masks is *mostly* the same as the VCL but the "!"
indicator is treated slightly differently.


I did a simple test here of the mask: !999\-000\-0000;1;_

In TIB_Edit it seems to behave as expected.

In TIB_EditEnh it behaves as you describe - with the cursor appearing
on the right and the text scrolling left like a calculator display.
Note that this behaviour is intentional, since it is my opinion that
this behaviour fits the definition for the "!" character better than
the VCL control. (Whats the point of optional characters appearing at
the start of the of mask, if they are the first characters to be input
by the user?)


Geoff Worboys
Telesis Computing