Subject Re: [IBO] IBO stability concerns
Author Svein Erling Tysvær
>Perhaps I shouldn't ask but... Is there anyone else out there who feels the
>same as Hans or is he being overly critical?

I've used IBO approximately as long as Hans, but have jumped to the
opposite conclusion: There's loads of bug reports on this list, but the
vast majority is just people using IBO errouneously. The remaining "real"
bugs doesn't overwhelm me knowing that there's more than 500 of us on this
list (the last time I checked - quite a long time ago). Myself I've only
discovered one bug (not much in 2,5 years), and all I had to do to avoid it
was to set RequestLive to true...

My conclusion is that IBO is an impressive, very stable and solid product.
The only area I think you (Jason) are a bit sloppy, is in the production of
releases - the first subrelease is occationally missing a file or something
(not that I've had any problems, but then I don't download every new release).