Subject Hooray, found an error!
Author Svein Erling Tysvær
Well, I don't actually know if it is still present in the latest release,
but it is at least behaving differently from what I expected in 3.6Cf
(which I'm still on).

Put a TIB_Connection on a form, set its password while PasswordRemembered
is false, save and close the project, reopen it and - voila - the password
seems to still be there.

My logic says that if PasswordRemembered is false, then the password should
not be saved even when typed into the password property (and if I choose to
view the form as text, I can even read the actual password in plain text).
Am I in error again or did I actually find a bug (the timing seems correct
- just a few hours after writing how flawless IBO is with hardly any real