Subject Re: [IBO] IBO stability concerns
Author Nando Dessena

> Perhaps I shouldn't ask but... Is there anyone else out there who feels the
> same as Hans or is he being overly critical?

I'm not (yet?) using IBO in any serious environment to have a stable <g>
opinion; the impression I got from following the mailing list is that
there *have* been things that worked, then not, then worked again (the
cases of the doubly execute SP and the mess with floats and BCDs in
IBODataSet stuff being the most notable in the last few months). On the
other hand, you are as timely in the fixes as any human can possibly be,
so I wouldn't worry about that. My thought is that maybe Hans hasn't yet
delivered any production application build with IBO and he got feared
and somehow misleaded by reading the messages in this list just like me.

bugs will continue to exist in any IBO version; the important thing is
that you can count on fixes to be delivered quickly and/or the ability
to fix them yourself. In addition, this list is very generous in
providing workarounds in the meantime, as I have seen. If, instead, you
intend to deploy without testing accurately, so the bugs can come up at
your client's site, then I believe it's not IBO's fault.