Subject Re: [IBO] Adding OR condition to where clause
Author Andreas Pohl

thank you for your reply. Building SQLWhereItems is no problem to me. I only
ran into problems in case of search criterias.

Here is my scenario:
-I don't have any where criterias in my form's query.
-user edits in search mode some criterias
-ibo is building a sqlwhere condition and now I want to add my 'OR'
condition, because I've to show more then only affected rows ( additional
rows are "parents" of affected rows in a treeview like view).

So I want to modify serversql string, but I've got no luck with it, because
IBO is "detecting" my changes and puts brackets around my inserts, so they
without any effects.

As a work around I catch OnBeforeSearch event, show a secondary form with
derived query, build a manual where clause in my original query and abort
search mode. That's working, but my other stuff is not working, because
search criterias ( I'm dealing with) are applied to search form's query
only. It's not a very convenient solution, too, since I have to define my
layout, lookups etc. twice (in edit and search form query).

I traced the sources and so far as I can understand, there is no chance to
do, what I'm trying to do without changes of sources.

But anyway, I'm glad about any ideas, thanks again.

Mit freundlichem Gruss & Best Regards

Andreas Pohl