Subject IBO stability concerns
Author Jason Wharton
Use the current version of 3.6De. It is by far the most stable version of
IBO yet. It is true that I have goofed by missing a file in the sub-release
zips now and then but the code's workings have done nothing but get more
solid over time. I have been in solidification mode with 3.6 for months now
as new development has all been going into a separate version.

Under your definition of stable you are asking me when am I going to stop
developing IBO. The answer to that is, I'm not. While I wish I was
absolutely perfect in how I make IBO, I am human and bugs come up from time
to time. The fact that I tend to magnify them instead of sweeping them under
the rug is discomforting to people but I'd rather people perceive more bugs
and have less than for people to perceive less and have more.

Most of the issues in IBO 4 are not bug fixes. It's new functionality
allowing people to accomplish things that haven't been possible before. All
bugs of any significance I am aware of are fixed in 3.6 and merged into 4.0.
I am not simply fixing bugs in 4.0 only.

If for any reason you doubt IBO's stability carefully read the release notes
and test the areas that are mentioned as impacted. If you have a version you
are comfortable with then I suggest you just stay put. IBO is, in my
opinion, a rather stable product that works as advertised.

Perhaps I shouldn't ask but... Is there anyone else out there who feels the
same as Hans or is he being overly critical?

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ

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> Hello Jason,
> I have been watching and occasionally been playing with IBO for the
> last 2 to 3 years now.
> I just have one question as a developer.
> With all the difference of opinions, licensing, variety of versions of
> IBO 3.xx, bugs or trouble spots, fixed in future version IBO4.xx and
> not in 3.xx, when do you feel that can I recommend IBO as a stable
> solution to my clients and will I be able to code a client application
> not having to worry about possible coding overhauls, everytime a new
> version of IBO is released.
> I love to see a stable version of IBO and it being 'my option' to bring
> my code up to the next level of IBO, so I can focus on my own coding and
> problems, and bring you some real money in your pocket :)
> Even just a stable TIBODataSet only environment would do it for me.
> Best Regards,
> Hans
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