Subject Re: [IBO] Problem installing EnhComponents
Author Damian Dowling
At 18:44 14/04/2001 , you wrote:
>I've been working in the garden, and just come back in.
> > That would be convenient to include in the package - it save some
> > people some time. Thank you.
>I'll package it up tonight.
> > In the new version of the EnhComponents (to be released with IBOv4) I
> > will have the designtime elements completely separated from the
> > runtime parts. I find it strange that BCB5 should complain though -
> > Delphi5 does not seem to have any trouble and usually the
> > corresponding versions run pretty close.
>It's to do with licence conditions. They are the same on D5 and B5, but
>nobody seems to obey them, so B5 has them properly enforced. BOTH should have
>separate run-time and design-time packages, but the Delphi boys don't seem to
>As long as you keep the registrations for the sections that use the design
>time parts, in a separate package, we can just build the runtime, and include
>it in the design time. Then Borland will be happy!
>Lester Caine
>L.S.Caine Electronic Services

Thanks for all the help - I Finally got it working. I have a copy of Delphi
4 Standard and i might do my most of my work with that from now on, it is
alot easier to get packages to install in it.