Subject Re: [IBO] Re: WISQL:datapump error, need help!
Author Joseph Alba
Yes, I noticed that this could be a possible gotcha because a new sql
statement will have left-over settings in other tabs.

My suggestion is that these links should be cleared up when the first two
tabs (the SrcDataset.SQL and the DstStatement.SQL) are changed and prepared.
What happens now is that the new links are appended to the old left-over
DstLinks and is a puzzling gotcha for newbies.

Joseph Alba

phytotech@... wrote:

> --- In IBObjects@y..., phytotech@l... wrote:
> Well, turns out I found the answer to my own question.
> I had used the particular layout previously and the DstLink tab area
> in Pump was filled with previously set links to a still existing
> database. This was causing a conflict. After deleting the listing then
> re-preparing the sql everything was fine.
> I had never even looked at that tab!
> Oh, well,
> Chuck
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