Subject Re: [IBO] Problem installing EnhComponents
I've been working in the garden, and just come back in.

> That would be convenient to include in the package - it save some
> people some time. Thank you.

I'll package it up tonight.

> In the new version of the EnhComponents (to be released with IBOv4) I
> will have the designtime elements completely separated from the
> runtime parts. I find it strange that BCB5 should complain though -
> Delphi5 does not seem to have any trouble and usually the
> corresponding versions run pretty close.

It's to do with licence conditions. They are the same on D5 and B5, but
nobody seems to obey them, so B5 has them properly enforced. BOTH should have
separate run-time and design-time packages, but the Delphi boys don't seem to

As long as you keep the registrations for the sections that use the design
time parts, in a separate package, we can just build the runtime, and include
it in the design time. Then Borland will be happy!

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services