Subject Uploaded Python scripts
Author Lele Gaifax
Hi all,
as said in a previous message, I uploaded in the Files section of the
group a first set of Python tools. The zipfile contains a README and
three scripts I used to replace respectively IBX, FIB and BDE
components with IBO native ones.

To use them, you need Python installed. At you can find
the links to some popular Setup-like packages for Windows. It's easy,
and does not replace any fundamental system .DLL :-)

For a quick test, make a copy of a BDE app, say in C:\Tmp\DemoBDE, and
convert ALL DFMs in the textual format (this can be done both from the
IDE, right-clicking on the Form, or with the external "convert.exe"
tool). Edit the script "": near it's end, you can find some
test code that executes the function "iboize()", passing two dirnames
as parameter: the first is the directory with the sources to convert,
the second specifies where to put the results. Correct the paths,
giving your own choice, and execute the script: in the PythonWin IDE,
there is a "Run button", but you get the same by double-clicking on
the script within the Explorer, or directly from the command line with
"/path/to/python.exe". If it works ok, you should find in
the destination dir the converted source files. The script does the
copy of DFM sources, no .RES, no .DPR and the like. You should copy
them by hand.

Ok, that's it. If you happen to try the code, please drop me a note!

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