Subject WISQL:datapump error, need help!

(Hope this is the correct place to post this question.)

Been using WISQL (and trying out the IBO components) while learning
Delphi, coming from FoxPro. (i.e. I'm a newbie.)

Most recent project came to a crashing halt and need help.

When using BDE Datapump to move a Visual FoxPro table (VL.DBF) over to
an Interbase database , which is a blank record set of a database used
for a medical device, then using WISQL to pump VL over to an existing,
but empty table, Virtuallibrary, I get the following error:

ISC Error Message: Validation error for column Item_id, value,

Now, the problem is that the field in question is not null in the
source and of course, the destination table is blank. To further add
mystery, this all worked just fine when I tested it a couple weeks ago
with, as far as I can tell, the exact same tables and database, which
I erased after a successful datapump<rats>. (I use a fresh copy of the
repository interbase database to hold tables that I later use to pump
to users of the device database.)

Thanks for any help that you can offer!

Chuck Belanger, L.Ac.
Licensed Acupuncturist/Software development team for BioMeridian