Subject Re: [IBO] Events and server ports
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> "I suggest posting your question to the IB_Support list. You are
> likely to get a response from someone that knows the internals of IB
> communications (if anyone does anymore)."
> Which is?

The some days had the same problem, when trying to use a Linux as
he received connection errors when it tried to register events, as
temporary solution I only added one second TIBConnection to register
events and I obtained success.
Then when it traveled one of the lists of the IB of another
topic found an answer recommending that if made exactly that! This
answer came from somebody of Team B, that in the moment I don't
remind exactly that it was. The most interesting point than the
question is driven users of IBX and therefore that is something
relative to Interbase and not to IBO.

Carlos Augusto. (Excuse my English)