Subject Re: [IBO] Query Building Tool
Author Frank Ingermann
Hi R. S.,

"R. S. Patil" wrote:
> Dear Friends,
> Open Source Visual Query Building Tool Found At
> It has support for IBO, FIB and BDE. But its available for
> D4.
> has anybody converted it to D5. While Compiling with d5 it
> gives
> some compilation error which I am Unable to resolve. Can
> somebody
> help me in this regard.

i just got the thing to work for D5 after some minor modifications.

(btw thanks for the hint, this thing is *really* cool !!)

Here's what i did, step by step:

- copy all the files from <oqb>\Binary\D4 to <oqb>\source
(resolves the .dfm / .res not found stuff, probably not necessary)

- open doqb40.dpk. save it back as doqb50.dpk.

- now trying to compile it gives an invalid typecast error, to
solve this i made the following modification:

( in QBuilder.pas near line 659: )

//@fi mod start
// State := TOwnerDrawState(WordRec(LongRec(itemState).Lo).Lo);

State := TOwnerDrawState(LongRec(itemState).Lo);
//@fi mod end - don't ask me why ;-) but this way it works!

After this mod, doqb50.dpk should compile ok.

- compile doqb50.dpk. install it. One component is added.

Next: qoqbibo40.dpk: save it back as doqbibo50.dpk.

- removed doqb40.dcp and IBO_D4.dcp from the pkg's Requires list.

- in unit OQBEibo, replaced all occurances of TIBQuery with TIBOQuery.

Now this should compile ok, too. (You may have to change the search
paths so everything can be found, but after that it worked ok here.)

- compile it, install it. Another new compo added - that's about it.

Now you're ready to try the demo app (again after editing the search
path)- and i had to pull myself away from playing with it to get this
msg out <bg>.

However, we propbably should contact the author to tell him
how to make the thing D5 / IBO3.6 compliant. Also i noted that
it only seems to use the "old" join syntax (no explicit joins).

What do you think??