Subject Re: Simulte a 64kb-Line
I did that by borrowing a friend's machine, installed IB on it, and
had this machine connect to the net via a 56K modem.

I noted the dynamic adress the ISP gave to that machine (the friend
sent me an email with the IP in it), modified my HOSTS file
accordingly, and then, while connected to the net over an other 56K
modem, connected to that remote IB server.

This is not pure 64K (because of V.90 and it's compression method),
but close enough so I can have a quite good idea of the speed.

And just for the record, this is where really good C/S thinking is
required, as the speed is, as you might guess, very very different
than having a 10MB connection to the server, or running the server on
the development machine.

Querying ONLY what's needed (forget about SELECT * FROM... and marking
fields as non-visible), modifying DBGRID with queries returning a
large number of records, finding up that lookupcombobox is not always
a good idea, and other things like that will make your app run quite
faster over slow connection. SQL "good practices" must be enforced to
the max to get a good speed.


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> How to simulte a 64kB-Line?
> I should know the "real speed" of my app over a 64kb-line before
> instllation.
> The app is local, the sql-server over isdn.
> Greetings Christian