Subject Re: [IBO] Error updating TIBOTable
Author Helen Borrie
At 01:17 PM 13-04-01 +0000, you wrote:
>I got a TIBOTable defined in a datamodule.
>The datamodule is called U_DM
>The table is called T_Art
>In another module I have the following statements
>In Formcreate
> DM.T_Art.Close;
> DM.T_Art.Open;
>In Formactivate
> DM.T_Art.Edit;
> DM.T_ArtMENU.AsInteger := 120;
> DM.T_Art.Post;
>The database is fine, I put some breakpoints in the program and
>everything is fine up to the Post statement, I checked and he got the
>correct record, so the reading partion is fine.
>I got a error when executing the Post statement.
>The error is :
>raised exception class EIBO_ISCError with message
>'ISC ERROR CODE : 335544569'
>Dynamic SQL Error
>SQL error code = -104
>Token unknown line 6 char 5
>TIB_Statement '"'
>TIBOInternalDataset "T_Art.IBOqrT_Art"
>So I got a SQL error, but this is a TIBOTable, so I do not use SQL.
>What can be wrong, and how do I fix this ?

Actually, with TIBOTable, you do use SQL. The TIB_Statement underlying the dataset is SELECT * FROM ATable. The automatically created update statement would be

UPDATE ATable set AField = whatever
WHERE {KeyLinks Field} = :{value of current keylinks}

The likely cause for this error is that you have no KeyLinks defined. Rejection is occurring in the WHERE clause because an empty string is being passed in lieu of a KeyLinks column name.

Is this the case?


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