Subject RBuilder and IBOPipeline
Author Geoff Worboys
Hi People,

Just wondering if anyone else has had trouble with master/detail
setups inside RBuilder - and if so whether you think it is an
IBOPipeline problem or an RBuilder problem? (or my problem :-)

RBuilder v5.55, Delphi v5 on W2K and IB6

I have a report with 3 layers of master/detail.
Main - Detail1 - Detail2

I originally had the form defined so that the
IBOPipeline.MasterDataPipeline properties were setup to reflect this
relationship. According to the documentation...

"For the DBPipeline and BDEPipeline classes this property is
informational only and does not trigger any automatic record filtering

I found it convenient to set the property so that the data tree in the
RB report designer showed the relationships.

The problem was that when Detail1 only had one record, the next Main
record would not show any Detail2 records. Its a bit hard to explain
without lots screen captures etc, so you'll just have to use your
imagination :-)

After much @#$#@ debugging I finally thought to play with this
property and set Detail2.MasterDataPipeline=Main and the problem went

Has anyone else had similar problems?


Geoff Worboys
Telesis Computing