Subject Re: [IBO] Database Availability
Author R. S. Patil
> >A solution to this is expected.
> Expected, huh? I think this may be a lack of familiarity of the English
> word expected. I think you might have meant "A solution to this is needed"
> or "A solution to this is desired". The way you said it implies that you
> are making a demand. Just thought you might want to know for the
> future. Or maybe you ARE making a demand...

Pl. excuse me if a wrong construction is used. I am a
non-English speaking person
so i don't know fine differences betn word/phrases. Its just
conversion of thoughts
in my mother tounge with limited english words we learned. I
feel sorry for that but
usage is not with intentions you mentioned above. In short
its request to help me
not any sort of compelling demand on any body.

Thanks for your kind help and addition of valuable knowledge
about the word "expected".

R. S. patil