Subject Re: [IBO] Database Availability
Author Brian Nuckels
At 09:02 AM 4/11/2001 +0530, you wrote:

>A solution to this is expected.

Expected, huh? I think this may be a lack of familiarity of the English
word expected. I think you might have meant "A solution to this is needed"
or "A solution to this is desired". The way you said it implies that you
are making a demand. Just thought you might want to know for the
future. Or maybe you ARE making a demand...

There are various ways of replicating IB databases. IBReplicator, from
Borland, is one. Also you can set up "shadow" databases in Interbase. I
think Helen already addressed this in another reply. There are also some
other Interbase listservs on Yahoo Groups that are not specific to IBO,
which might be a good resource for this kind of question.