Subject Re: [IBO] Numeric(10,2) from Domain gives TIBOBCDfield in Delphi!?
Author Geoff Worboys

I presume your question has nothing to do with the messages you

> the subject says it all - some of my fields become tibobcdfields
> when added to the field list of a tiboquery - how comes that!?
> Also i am getting troubles when setting these fields with the
> .asfloat method!

I am not all that familiar with TIBO*, but from the ReleaseNotes (you
know, that document we all ignore near the bottom of the source ;-)

IBO will also try to use the BCD field type more often when decimal
digits are requested. This is suggesting that precise values to
specified decimal places are desired so BCD is most appropriate

My opinion is that Jasons decision to use BCD is highly appropriate,
since it is consistent with the decision to implement a field as
NUMERIC or DECIMAL. If you want a floating point value then use

Geoff Worboys
Telesis Computing