Subject Re: [IBO] Question
Author Geoff Worboys
> using data-aware components or data-unbound
> components and do all the SQL for yourself.
> Can anyone give me advice?

If you have a complex system there may be occassional instances where
it becomes necessary to use unbound controls to gain the level of
control required. However, I dont think that there is any need to
throw the baby out with the bath-water :-)

Where possible go with the native (TIB_*) IBO dataset and controls,
since these will give you the most flexibility and should minimise the
number of times you need to resort to unbound components. Why
reinvent unless it is absolutely necessary.

As a general rule, I am not in favour of using unbound controls in an
application. If a control does not exist to do what you need, write
one. Then you have the code already written and tested to reuse in
the application where ever required. (Some people seem to be under
the impression that control/component writing is only for distribution
to other developers, but they are a great tool for application
development in general.) IBO is written in a manner which makes it
easy to reuse IBO code in your own components reducing the amount of
code you need to write.

PS. Someone recently wrote a TreeView component, available from the
list files area I think.


Geoff Worboys
Telesis Computing