Subject TDatePick, TIB_Date modifications
Author Marc Leclerc

I had some reserve as to what the control looked and also a bit unfriendly to a user to scroll year back and forward. I know they are keyboard shortcut but...

So I added a few properties

property IncCellHeight; //ML 2001-03-23
property IncCellWidth; //ML 2001-03-23

I added these so that the calendar may look less crowded by adjusting the gap between columns and rows.
On top when using other language, "Clear" is pretty hard to translate in a space like this.

property DrawYearArrow; //ML 2001-03-23

Boolean property to draw another set of arrows that scroll years insted of month.
(On this one the drawing code could probably be optimized)

What do you think about these modifs. I will gladly either send the code to Jason or in the download area.
I will upload a zip exe that show basicaly what the changes do.


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