Subject Question
Hello all,

First of all I want to express my respect for such a good product!
Secondly I have a question. I'm a pretty experienced programmer but
not with Delphi (with SqlWindows and CTD). I wondered what the best
way (if there is any) is to develop client-server applications with
Delphi and Interbase(-Objects): using data-aware components or data-
unbound components and do all the SQL for yourself. I need to write
an application with very big business-objects (containing a lot of N
x N relationships between tables). This in itself is not a problem
but these business-objects have to be manipulated from 1 screen and
within 1 transaction. So I need stuff like treeviews with select
options etc.
Can anyone give me advice?

Thanx in advance,

René van den Berg,
Egosoft BV
The Netherlands