Subject Re: [IBO] Switching between views?
Author Jason Wharton
Your application will need to control which view it access by its own logic.
There is nothing in InterBase that will automate this for you.

If it were me doing things here I would probably use a single stored
procedure instead of a bunch of views. Either that or I would just use a
SELECT statement with an input parameter.

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ

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Subject: [IBO] Switching between views?

> Hi,
> my program will be used by two distinct user groups. They will
> share the same tables, but their data will be seperate, perhaps by
> use of a DEPT CHAR(3) column in each shared table. I know I can use
> Views to allow each group to access their own data only, but I'm not
> sure how my program can dynamically switch between views in all my
> TIB_Query SELECT statements etc, according to which group the current
> user is from.
> Can anyone tell me if it is possible?
> (BCB5 / IBO 3.6Cf / Firebird / Win95)
> Thanks,
> Steve