Subject RE: [IBO] More than one Lookup combo to one dataset
Author Michael L. Horne
Hello Jason,

So, just to make sure I understand what to do, I
could code something like

procedure TformAPVendor.FormShow(Sender: TObject);
const FirstTime:Boolean = True;
if (FirstTime) then
FirstTime := False;
qyIbCombo1.Open; // AutoFetchAll=True on this query
qyIbCombo2.Open; // AutoFetchAll=True on this query

I assume that I would NOT close the querys until the
program exits!

And this would load the information from the file the
first time the form is shown. The only problem I see
with this is that each Querys would still have to be
prepared and each would have to return the same data.
Even though they are the same.

Well I can live with that. -- :) I guess.

By the way, doesn't appear to be any help in the help
file about "FreeServerResources". :(

Michael L. Horne

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> Michael,
> There is no advantage of this over simply using a separate dataset. One
> thing that you can do is fetch all the rows and then call
> FreeServerResources. What this does is release the statement
> handle that the
> dataset holds. This makes it purely a client container for rows in memory
> from the server.
> So, consider this done...
> Jason Wharton
> CPS - Mesa AZ
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> > Hello
> >
> > What would be great for this is a new control that connects to
> > the dataset, loads the data, disconnects, and remembers its
> > data. Has methods to refresh, clear. And would work like
> > the LookupCombo. This would solve the problems of multiple
> > Datasets and would also be very useful for those small standard
> > datasets that don't change very often, like Terms, or Warehouse
> > .... You get the ideal. - - - - Maybe one of the genius here
> > could write it for us?
> >
> > Michael L. Horne
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