Subject Re: [IBO] More than one Lookup combo to one dataset
Author Geoff Worboys
> I have about 5 lookup fields which are taken from the same
> table. My app using the BDE would link all lookupcombo to
> the same datasource. Can this be done using IBO or do I need
> 5 IB_Queries since the links have to be described within the
> Query KeyLinks.

Multiple TIB_LookupCombos cannot share the same datasource/dataset -
as you say, the keylinks information is stored in the dataset.

In the EnhComponents (from the registered users download site) is
TIB_LookupEnh. It can be setup to share lookup datasets. It is not
perfect in this regard, as the dataset must be dynamically unplugged
from one place and plugged into another. This can result in a
noticable hestitation in the control when it gains or loses focus.
However it works well enough for me, and it is usually possible to
tune the worst out depending on the size and nature of the lookup

Geoff Worboys
Telesis Computing