Subject Re: [IBO] Home from Germany (slightly OT :)
Author Frank Ingermann
Hi Jason,

good to hear you both made it back to the States all right!
(hope those aircrafts were as well-designed as ibo<g>... )

Jason Wharton wrote:
> I thought I would let you all know that Sara and I are home safe and sound
> from our trip to Germany. We had a wonderful time and very much enjoyed the
> privilege to go there. I felt like the IBO Workshop was a great success.
> Many thanks to Holger for all of his hard work to bring this opportunity
> together and make it happen.
> Germany is a wonderful place and I hope that we can go back and do this
> again and meet more people and see more beautiful sights.

...well, i think i can speak for all of those who were there: we're looking
forward to that, too! (we could have spent two weeks in a row and still
we wouldn't have seen *everything* about ibo i guess... :-) and you two
haven't seen all that much of Europe... (since i'm half dutch i have to say
this... as long as you don't drive to hard, it's a really lovely country, NL!)

(...and btw. about inboxes flooding, you should ask Lester <bg>... he
probably thought the worst thing that would happen to him this year was
me driving him to the airport<bg> - until he got home...)

Groetjes / kind regards / Mit freundlichen Grüßen :)