Subject Re: [IBO] More than one Lookup combo to one dataset
Author Jason Wharton
Have you considered using the Lookup( ) method to supply these values from a
single table?
Lookup( ) doesn't mess around with the current position of the record
pointer so it can fill the needs of many different sources. This is how it
works with LookupFields in the VCL.

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ

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Subject: Re: [IBO] More than one Lookup combo to one dataset

> Hi,
> My initial problem for asking this question is that I have a table with a
> list of names and a table that uses those names for fields such as
> ReceivedBy, ApprovedBy, ForwardedTo, DecisionBy,... What I have to do now
> set many queries (one for each field) and I though there could be a better
> way such a cloning one dataset in order to reduce the number of queries
> need to be executed. The table, as mentionned earlier, are fairly small so
> the impact is not so bad for this case, but I was wondering what I could
> if the table were big.