Subject Refreshing Data
Author Paul Schmidt
Hi List:

I have an MDI app, with a bunch of forms on it, I'll pick two for an
illustration, of what I would like to do:

One form is Country, and another is Currency. A country has a
currency, so on the Country form there is a drop down list of
currencies. Here is where it gets interesting, if your entering a
country, where you have not entered a currency, you can load the
currency form, and then add the currency.

Now the problem, when you go back to the country form, it's TIBOTable
doesn't know that you entered a new country. You can call the
Refresh function which will reload it, but if you had something other
then currencies where there might be hundreds or thousands of rows,
this could take some time. So, is there a way of causing it to
refresh, only if it has changed?

IBO: 3.6.Cf,
Compiler: Delphi 3,
OS: Windows 95SR1,
Database: Firebird

Thanks in advance


Paul Schmidt,
Tricat Technologies
Email: paul@...