Subject RE: [IBO] Refreshing Data
Author Christof Forbrig
>doesn't know that you entered a new country. You can call the
>Refresh function which will reload it, but if you had something other
>then currencies where there might be hundreds or thousands of rows,
>this could take some time. So, is there a way of causing it to
>refresh, only if it has changed?

That´s easy Paul,

use IB events (TIB_Events encapsulates the raw api) and you get a message if
the lookup table has changed. Define after delete, after insert, after
update triggers in that table which must post the event. Your clients must
register for this event, see IB Programmers Guide.
I have a similar problem and dont´t want to refresh the whole query but only
the inserted row or the incremental change of the dataset. Unfortunatedly
the event can´t tell the row. Does anybody know a sophisticated solution
(better than: the inserting application sends the row via sockets to the