Subject Re: [IBO] FieldsVisible Question
Author Tomas MichalĂ­k
Hi Lee,

if I understand it right, this might help you: there is a property
called GridLinks in TIB_Grid class. It is a string list of field names
which will be displayed in grid. When empty, all visible fields are

BTW, according to what Frank Ingermann writes in other thread, string
list properties will be much easier dealt with in near future. I had the
possibility of seeing it in Frankfurt too :-)

Best regards,

lee@... wrote:
> Svein,
> Sorry that I used the word Table, I use a Query but coming from
> Access the word Table is branded in my mind.
> I am doing the things you propose, but in this case the (Table) is a
> customer table and a lot of fields are not used all the time but are
> needed to check on other conditions.
> So I only need maybe 5 fields to display to the customer but I need a
> lot more fields to do processing on.
> It would be handy to set all the fields to not visible and then set
> only the ones who must be visible to visible.
> Lee


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