Subject RE: [IBO] After Germany
Author Josipovic, Nick
No apologies needed.
Robert schieck has completely ruined his good reputation in our part of the
IB(O)-community, so the extra traffic on the list will hit far less users
now than it would've hit a few months ago....And the problems with the
bouncing messages are long known already on the mers-lists....

My newsreader is deleting messages after 15 days. There were times (not
thant long ago in fact) theat it showed between 1.200 and 2.000 messages for
these 15, it is seldomly showing more than 150 messages for this
period. I think, this says all.
With your bouncing messages, the mers-lists will at least get volume
again... :-)

I am very happy to hear, that the IBO-workshop was a success, and hope, that
Jason will get a direct benefit himself when more other people start
answering questions in the list now :-)

Nick Josipovic
Corporate Market Intelligence

Phone: ++49 6227 762945

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> My apologies to everybody if it comes to that as those of you who get
> bpi_general will get a LOT of traffic, but it is my ISP's policy to
> ALWAYS bounce spam sites back to the origin.