Subject Re: [IBO] After Germany
Author Frank Ingermann
Hi Lester / Nick,

(no more in here about mers, Nick put it right to the point for my

I was in Frankfurt, too, and i'm just trying to get my brain out
of the "burst mode" Jason put as all in :-))

If any of you should ever have the opportunity to join a similar
workshop, i very strongly recommend to GO there! As Lester said, it
was very well worth the money, we all learned tons of things and
we also had a lot of fun. Quite an experience.

So i guess even though Jason is on his well-deserved trip, he gave
us so much information about IBO that those who participated are now
able to answer quite a few questions as a "temporary backup" for
Jason's absence.

btw. for those interested, my TIB_StringList property editor is
nearing completion and will be available soon. (after those three
days i only have to put some more things into it that i was
previously unaware of <bg>) Anyway, Jason seemed to like it and it
will probably become part of the addons to IBO4.

best regards,