Subject After Germany
Well I got back from the IBO course in Germany to 8000+ eMails, despite
having switched to Digest Mode everywhere.

I am currently recieving 30 to 40 copies of the bpi_general digest #235
an hour and no one at mers is answering direct eMail.

I have warned them that if they do not fix the problem in 24 hours ( and
my ISP has identified that the messages are all originated at )
then will be switched to reject mode at my ISP, and all
messages from will be bounced back.

My apologies to everybody if it comes to that as those of you who get
bpi_general will get a LOT of traffic, but it is my ISP's policy to
ALWAYS bounce spam sites back to the origin.

On a happier note, Jason's 'masterclass' in Germany was well worth the
money, and I for one am in a much better position to answer questions on
the list. I am going to try and get Builder 5 versions of a few more of
the samples as I put theory into practice but my own applications have
already gained from the knowledge.

Jason was having a problem getting his modem working so it will be a few
more days before he is back on line - He deserves his extra few days

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services