Subject (Cannot open file) error
Author Steven Beames
Hi all,
I've been following recent discussions about remote server connections, but not found a solution
yet to my problem.
We have Win95 machines running on a LAN. The Server <Ews1> is one of these.
My client program is statically linked. Interbase client is installed on the client PC. This machine
has an entry in HOSTS for the server's IP adrs, and the server can be pinged from the client using
it. I can access the tables via the client PC across the LAN using IBConsole.

When I run my client program I get the Log-In Box displaying:
Database: Ews1:c:\ews\ews.gdb
User: SDB
Password: ******
SQL Role:

On the PC where the server is installed, the program works OK.
On the client PC I get a "Cannot open file" message when I try and log-in, and a return to the
Log-in dialog!
I've tried leaving the drive letter out, but no change.

Win95, BCB5, IBO 3.6.Cf, Firebird
Any suggestions on where to look next would be much appreciated.

Steven Beames