Subject Re: [IBO] (Cannot open file) error
Author Steven Beames
Aint it always the way! After spending hours playing with this, 5 minutes after sending to the list,
I found the answer! ;-)

I had the TIB_Connection AliasName property set! Clearing this fixed my problem.

Incidentally, the GSG page on TIB_Connection defines the Database property, which doesn't seem to
exist anymore (does it?).


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Subject: [IBO] (Cannot open file) error

> Hi all,
> I've been following recent discussions about remote server connections, but not found a solution
> yet to my problem.
> We have Win95 machines running on a LAN. The Server <Ews1> is one of these.
> My client program is statically linked. Interbase client is installed on the client PC. This
> has an entry in HOSTS for the server's IP adrs, and the server can be pinged from the client using
> it. I can access the tables via the client PC across the LAN using IBConsole.
> When I run my client program I get the Log-In Box displaying:
> Database: Ews1:c:\ews\ews.gdb
> User: SDB
> Password: ******
> SQL Role:
> On the PC where the server is installed, the program works OK.
> On the client PC I get a "Cannot open file" message when I try and log-in, and a return to the
> Log-in dialog!
> I've tried leaving the drive letter out, but no change.
> Win95, BCB5, IBO 3.6.Cf, Firebird
> Any suggestions on where to look next would be much appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Steven Beames
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