Subject Re: [IBO] Component enhancement: IB_Currency component?
Author Geoff Worboys
> I did not tried it at the time of my post, since I had the
> worry that it's a sort of "poprietary" code that is not
> included in full source license from Jason Wharton (...The
> source code for these components is being released for
> demonstration, testing and evaluation purposes only
> at this stage...).

In IBO v3.6 and before EditEnh and IB_EditEnh were distributed with
IBO, the EnhComponents library was held separate. I did not feel it
was appropriate to charge for the EnhComponent collection because it
had no online help or project files. I have always said yes to those
that have asked to be able to use the components commercially - I just
wanted to know who they were.

Jason and I are currently investigating the full separation of the Enh
components from IBOv4. (It was either going to be full separation or
full integration :-)

We chose to try and separate for a few reasons...
- Less impact to existing applications if we separated rather than
replaced existing IBO controls with Enh controls.
- Not sure how well EditEnh handles widestrings.
- Not sure how easy it will be to migrate EditEnh to Kylix (since it
uses the Windows API quite heavily).
- By separating the code we are able to introduce features into IBO
that will make it possible for others to add controls and mask
processing extensions to IBO. (A good example would be InfoPower

At the moment it looks like we can do the separation - but it is still
being tested. However assuming that it goes ahead...

EditEnh, SpinEditEnh and the IBO aware variations will become part of
the EnhComponents package. In the short term this package will still
be able to be downloadable for free. I am still considering whether
there should be a charge for commercial use of these components, or
whether to leave them as essentially open source. If there is to be a
charge it will only be a small - and the distribution will use a
trustware license very similar to IBO.

> Using the IB_Query property editor, I can find the
> "Edit mask" property, but not the "Mask mode"... any
> suggestion?

When you use the mask editor dialog with TEditEnh, you will see that
there is a control that gives you the string to place in the
FieldsEditMask property. This string includes a special prefix...
::NM::<mask> = numeric mode
::SM::<mask> = standard mode

There is also an example of this in the IBO online help - under
TMaskString I think.

> Thanks for the suggestion :) I will wait for your answer
> regarding reusing YOUR code and your source license, since
> it would be better for the IBO community having a common
> base tree wherever possible.

I hope the description above - if not definitive - will assure you
that the source will remain available in one form or another.

Geoff Worboys
Telesis Computing