Subject Re: [IBO] Component enhancement: IB_Currency component?
--- In IBObjects@y..., "Geoff Worboys" <geoff@t...> wrote:
> Marco,
> I am curious as to why TIB_EditEnh with an appropriate mask
> is not suitable for this purpose?

I did not tried it at the time of my post, since I had the worry that
it's a sort of "poprietary" code that is not included in full source
license from Jason Wharton (...The source code for these components is
being released for demonstration, testing and evaluation purposes only
at this stage...).
Anyway, experimenting with TEditEnh I've found that:
a) there is no a drop down calculator (of course! :))
b) no currency conversion (I need it for Euro transition stuff)
But it gives me 90% of the functionality I need, so it would be a very
good starting point for a less general, more specific and somewhat
enhanced specialized currency control.

> To experiment with different masks,
> drop TEditEnh (non-IBO version) onto a form and click on the
> property editor button. This will display a dialog with sample
> that you can play with. The dialog provides an edit control with
> mask formatted ready for copy and paste into the FieldsEditMask
> property of the dataset or connection (which is the only way of
> loading masks into IBO aware controls).
Using the IB_Query property editor, I can find the "Edit mask"
property, but not the "Mask mode"... any suggestion?

> If you still find that you want to derive a new control, you may
> to take a look at the IBC_BitCheck* files (including the .rtf
> document) in the IBO source directory. These describe how to do an
> IBO derivation that reuses some of the IBO code - making it simpler
> and faster to get going.

Thanks for the suggestion :) I will wait for your answer regarding
reusing YOUR code and your source license, since it would be better
for the IBO community having a common base tree wherever possible.
Have a look to my message about decimal separator, please, since it's
a real need for many internationa users. I'm sure you will fix
it. Thanks

Marco Menardi