Subject Re: [IBO] EditEnh and decimal separator problem
Author Geoff Worboys
> Personally, I don't like options proliferation when not
> really necessary. I think that, since it will operate
> when EditMaskMode = eemNumeric, if it's the component
> behaviour it will never (ok, 0.009% times it could)
> hurt. So I don't think you need one more (obscure?)
> option to your already rich component.

That is why these obscure settings are buried in the Options set.
They are values which I dont expect to be used very often, but think
it appropriate to give the developer control where possible. The
obscurity is supposed to be covered by explanations in the online

Take the '.' translation for example. If I dont provide the ability
to turn it off, what does a developer do if it is causing a problem?
While ever the translation was not there it was easy enough to
implement the override to turn it on - as you demonstrated. However
turning off these features in a derivation would be quite difficult
without a property to control it.

> I really thank you for adding such fix :)

I thank you for pointing out the problem.

Geoff Worboys
Telesis Computing