Subject Re: [IBO] IBO on linux/java
Author Helen Borrie
At 12:40 AM 22-02-01 +0000, you wrote:
>i have basic question regarding IBO w/c i didnt find the answer in ur
>page. so IBO in my understanding is a middleware that is similar to
>odbc and bde (whatever that is, im not a delphi programmer although i
>know pascal) only faster because it has direct access to Interbae's
>APIs. (right?).

Right. The BDE is Borland's proprietary middleware layer that flattens out the differences between similar features on different databases. It works in combination with a "native driver" for the particular database. These native drivers make the function calls to InterBase API.

IBO encapsulates the functionality provided by both the BDE and the native driver.

In the case of the TIBO* components, the data access interface "seen" by Delphi is identical to that presented to Delphi's native data access architecture (the TSession, TDatabase, TDataset and TDatasource class hierarchies).

In the case of the TIB_* components, IBO provides a completely self-contained "native IBO" data access architecture that doesn't touch those hierarchies at all but replaces them with TIB_Session, TIB_Connection, TIB_Transaction, TIB_Statement and TIB_Datasource hierarchies. There is no "flattening" of the capability of the gds client at all in this model.

>now, is it a win32 program in particular?

Currently, IBO is win32-specific because Delphi and C++Builder are win32-specific.

>does it have a port on
>linux that we can use with firebird and java?

Borland is soon to release Delphi 6 for Linux and, later C++Builder for Linux, under the codename "Kylix". IBO for Kylix is under development right now and will be ready when Kylix is released.

Borland has JBuilder for Java; for RAD development under Kylix, you would need to use the JNI in order to utilise Delphi components such as IB Objects. Project JEDI has translated the JNI headers - a beta of the cross-platform library is available from the cross-platform area of JEDI's API library (, scroll to the bottom of the page).

>do we have to have delphi to compile its sources? isnt delphi for
>windows only? sorry im not very familiar w/ delphi. if i have IBO, i
>dont need any odbc connectivity programs anymore right?

No, you don't need ODBC, BDE or anything but InterBase server and client and your IBO applications - for Win32 now, for Kylix, sometime this year.

To use IBO for either platform, you would need to become VERY familiar with Delphi or C++Builder, since these are the development environments in which IBO works. This is a highly object-oriented environment...

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