Subject RE: [IBO] IBO on linux/java
Author Claudio Valderrama C.
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> Sent: MiƩrcoles 21 de Febrero de 2001 20:40
> hi!
> i have basic question regarding IBO w/c i didnt find the answer in ur
> page. so IBO in my understanding is a middleware that is similar to
> odbc and bde (whatever that is, im not a delphi programmer although i
> know pascal) only faster because it has direct access to Interbae's
> APIs. (right?).

I have to disagree slightly. Middleware has been used in several ways but
for me it refers to a layer that sits between your program and your
database, usually as a separate file (driver) or independent process. IBO is
code that's compiled with your application, no separate layer is needed. IBO
calls the Interbase client library directly. The IB client library
communicates with the server.

> now, is it a win32 program in particular? does it have a port on
> linux that we can use with firebird and java?

IBO is not a program per se. It's a package with classes and functions you
use to communicate with IB. No BDE needed, no MIDAS, no JDBC, no ODBC, no

> do we have to have delphi to compile its sources? isnt delphi for
> windows only? sorry im not very familiar w/ delphi.

If you don't understand Pascal objects, Delphi components and packages, it
becomes hard to explain you more, sorry. If Kylix works, IBO will work with
Kylix. You can use BCB, but beware the Borland extensions to C++ are needed
to support Delphi objects in BCB, so other C++ compilers won't be able to
use Delphi/BCB components.

> if i have IBO, i
> dont need any odbc connectivity programs anymore right?

No, the only thing you need to do is to install the IB client library. In
Windows it's a DLL plus some settings in the registry and the services file
that's intalled by the IB setup program. In UNIXes usually it's a RPM or a
tar archive that a UNIX person knows how to deal with.