Subject Re: [IBO] IBO on linux/java
Author Anand Pravin Shah (Andy)
To use IBObjects you have to use Delphi.

Jason is working on a port to Linux, but that port will require you to use
Kylix, a port of Delphi to Linux (object pascal for Linux), once that is
complete you only need to write your source code once, and distribute your
software to both Windows (provided you also buy Delphi 6 to compile for
Windows) and Linux users...

IBO cannot be used with java... for java, you will have to use the
InterClient provided by Firebird and/or Borland...

You do not need to use any ODBC/JDBC connectivity, to use IBO, nor will
your clients require ODBC/JDBC, the IBO is bundled into your .EXE...


Anand Pravin Shah.
At 04:40 PM 2/21/2001, you wrote:
>i have basic question regarding IBO w/c i didnt find the answer in ur
>page. so IBO in my understanding is a middleware that is similar to
>odbc and bde (whatever that is, im not a delphi programmer although i
>know pascal) only faster because it has direct access to Interbae's
>APIs. (right?).
>now, is it a win32 program in particular? does it have a port on
>linux that we can use with firebird and java?
>do we have to have delphi to compile its sources? isnt delphi for
>windows only? sorry im not very familiar w/ delphi. if i have IBO, i
>dont need any odbc connectivity programs anymore right?
>thanx for ur patience :)
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