Subject Re: How to clear IB_Query parameters?
James Wharton,

I'm very grateful for your response but I suspect that I may have
asked the wrong question! I apologise and will try again.

I am querying a table using 'select * from tablename;'. The table
changes as new entries are inserted. The table query returns the
original response set (before the inserted records). How am I able to
refresh the response to reflect the changed state of the table?



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> You just write a loop:
> with MyDataset do for ii := 0 to Params.ColumnCount do Params[ ii
> HTH,
> Jason Wharton
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> Subject: [IBO] How to clear IB_Query parameters?
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> > I have a IB_Query connected to a IB_Grid which I want to refresh so
> > that it reflects changes in the table. The SQL query is simply 'SELECT
> > * FROM tablename;'. How can I refresh these paramaters?
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> > thanks,