Subject Re: IB_LookupDialog and uppercase
Great, thanks! This solution ("Upper Case Equivalent" to same name of
this column) should not have performance penalities, I think :). Only
one wrong behaviour: if the text I've typed matches some record, it's
in uppercase, but as soon as I type one more char that makes the text
not matching, the whole text becomes lowercase... nothing bad but
visually (WYSIWYG) disturbing... hope Warton will fix it
Thanks again
Marco Menardi

--- In IBObjects@y..., "Luiz Alves" <cprmlao@i...> wrote:
> Marco,
> If the data are all in uppercase, you could try in the query
> editor-->ColumnAttributes, set "CASE INSENSITIVE" for the search
column to
> True and "Upper Case Equivalent" to same name of this column.
> Luiz.