Subject IB_Grid and Field Data Entry
I am new to developing apps with Interbase and IBO. I was looking a
the "Contact" sample provided by IBObjects.

I do not understand how to connect the TIB_LookupCombo to the
appropriate field in the TIB_Grid. In the example, it is cbForGrid
to grContact. Is this done in the TIB_Query component or in the
TIB_Grid component. Could someone please provide some detail as to
how this is done??

Also, can this be done for other types of data eg. Drop downs for
Date, Time, Pick Buttons, etc.??

Lastly, would it be to my advantage to use another component set.
For example, use TIBOTable or TIBOQuery with dxDBGrid Component (by
Dev Express)??

Thanks in advance,