Subject Re: [IBO] Feature Request (Generators) - One last try :) - the explanation why...
Author Christian Mautendorfer
At 02:44 12.02.2001, you wrote:
>Hey Christian,
>Just a thought.... maybe you could put the ID in the upper bits of
>the ID instead of the lower bits? You would just have something
> GEN_ID(A_GENERATOR,1) + (USER_NUMBER * shift_amount)

Cool Idea, would be like splitting it up into the largest possible blocks
just like the lower bits do. Just without having all the hassle of

>Have been looking at doing something like this with 64 bit PKs...
>segregating/partitioning the number space to have a separate
>region for each database so that replication can proceed easily
>without any PK conflicts -- wherever a record is inserted, it would
>be guaranteed to have a unique PK across all databases. Simply
>initializing all generators in a database before use with the
>database identifier....
> leading part +/- 0001 to 9222 x10^15 <=-database identifier
> counting part 0 to 999,999,999,999,999

Yes, would have to recode some stuff, including the SP that initializes the
but I must say the more I think about this the better I like this.


Thanks :)