Subject Re: [IBO] Uploading a table
Author Harald Klomann

why donĀ“t you use the TIB_Import Component ?
I wrote this component to do exactly this stuff.
It is fully documented in the header of the
source file IB_Import.pas, is very flexible about
the structure of the textfile, delimiters, settings ...
Also very fast. Processing after fetching each record
can be done via event handlers, .... lots of features.
Try it !


NSI Sadimo wrote:
> When inserting 8700 recs into a table from a text file using an
> TIBOQuery whose SQL property is insert into table A(Item1, ..) values
> (:Val1, ...), it takes more than 6 minutes. The loop is in a
> start/commit transaction and the query is prepared before the loop. When
> replacing the SQL property with a select Item1, ... from tableA where
> 0=1 (I don't want to get records) and then in the loop using insert/post
> methods of the query, it takes 1 minute. In both cases my database is
> very small (< 2Mb) and is run on my dev machine.
> Could someone explain this difference ? Thanks